Wordpress Dealer - A.K.A. was developed for the automotive niche to be an open-source powered, App-Like Plug & Play responsive/mobile website platform that is big data ready


Dealer Web Sites

Our platform is built on the wildly successful WordPress* open source framework which makes up over 26% of the entire internet websites and is mobile ready.

Since WordPress is open source there are literally millions of developers world-wide developing for it, which keeps our websites cutting edge without depleting our firms resources.


Platform & Inventory Features

Quality & Useability

WPDlr provides you a high level WordPress integration which means amazing useability. With simple instructions you can manage your inventory, specials, staff and coupons easily and see your changes reflected in your site immediately. Add new homepage sliders, landing pages and view all your leads in one spot!


Data Driven Marketing

& Automatic Retargeting

Our platform uses a pixel to gather data from each unique visitor on your website. This pixel is the equivalent of a "digital flag". As your customer travels from website to website across the web this "digital flag" is raised saying "I'm here" and is viewable by our platform on any one of millions of websites including Facebook, in real-time!


Analytics & ROI

Measured & Managed

Being able to view and report on in-depth interactions with your site leads to sales! We provide an easy to use analytics platform that provides even more reporting than Google Analytics. Our platform even tracks every phone call that is generated by the site. See how your site can grow and bring more people into your showrooms!


Data Driven SEO


Ever hear the saying "Like finding a needle in a haystack?" Think about it... There are 10's of millions of websites, blogs and portals dedicated to the auto industry. Across those websites and countless blogs are billions of similar keywords and keyword phrases, many of which are describing, reviewing or trying to sell cars, parts and service just like you. So how is Google, Bing or Yahoo to know how to serve up your website to those who would be most interested in your cars, parts or services?

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WordPress Dealer is currently utilized by select OEMs, Agencies along with Franchise & Independent dealers alike, those facts alone are not what makes WPDlr interesting.. We have built the full ecosystem; Not Just responsive Websites, but a Dynamic Inventory Banner Ad Retargeting system with Sales Matching Analytics all-in-one.


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